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What are my rights?

Businesses are granted numerous rights whilst leasing commercial property. However, commercial tenants are often unaware of what their lease permits, what protections are provided to them through legal statute or what industry regulation mandates for landlords and property professionals.

The list below highlights some of the major areas of leasing dispute where commercial tenants need to be aware of their rights. Strategic consideration must be given to each of these elements during the lease term, as a misinformed decision could weaken your position or cost your business dearly.

The CTA provide advice for commercial tenants concerned about their rights and guidance to those who hope to invoke their rights to better their situation. We can also recommend expert professional and legal representation to tenants who need support now.

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Some key questions to ask:

Landlord and tenant disputes – what rights does a tenant have?

Disputes can arise for a variety of reasons. Maybe the landlord has served a notice to trigger a rent review. Perhaps a dispute has arisen about the way you are using the property.

The terms of the lease usually provide a starting point when it comes to understanding your rights in a particular situation. However, it is not always clear who is right and who is wrong.

The CTA can help you navigate the clauses in your lease so that you can obtain the advice you need.

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Have you received a huge service charge bill?

In many cases, the landlord is entitled to recover the costs of repairing and maintaining the property. However, what if the repairs or services are not justified or the charges seem excessive?

Are you actually obtaining value for money?

The CTA can help you understand your rights in terms of service charges and whether any particular costs need to be challenged.

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What are your rights when it comes to repairs?

Are you being asked to repair something and you do not think it is your responsibility? Sometimes, a landlord will attempt to bill a commercial tenant for repairs for which they are not liable for.

Your lease is the starting point when it comes to repairing obligations, but it can be difficult to interpret exactly who repairs what.

The CTA can assist when it comes to repairs and in many cases, we can help you avoid unnecessary costs.

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Is your landlord disturbing your right to quiet enjoyment?

Quiet enjoyment is an agreement which means that, during the lease term, you are free to use the property for your business activities without any interruption from the landlord.

However, the landlord will often reserve the right to enter the premises to carry out repairs if they feel that the tenant has failed to comply with the relevant repairing lease covenants.

The CTA can assess how reasonable the landlord is being in this situation and help to mediate the situation between both parties.

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The CTA is the trusted safe-haven for the 900,000+ commercial lease and licence holders across the UK. We provide advice, support and representation for tenants in all market sectors and of all business sizes.

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