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The CTA responds to the Government’s Call for Evidence

4th May 2021

The CTA has submitted a response to the Government’s Call for Evidence on the behalf of commercial tenants across the UK.

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UK Tenant Survey (Part 2)

29th April 2021

In Q3 2020, the CTA conducted a survey seeking the responses of over 1,100 individuals representing small, medium and large tenants occupying office, retail and industrial space nationwide.

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Post-pandemic commercial leasing

23rd April 2021

Post-pandemic leasing was recently the focus of a webinar where we attempted to provide an indication of how commercial leasing has changed since the onset of the pandemic and how it may change in the future.

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Final stages of the government’s COVID support

13th April 2021

A timeline of when the pandemic support schemes and policies will be concluded by the government over the coming months.

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CEO Soapbox: “As a commercial tenant, moving can feel like a feeding frenzy and you are the food”

9th April 2021

Information and data on commercial tenancies gets shared and passed around. As a commercial tenant, moving can feel like feeding frenzy and you are the food.

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Commercial tenancy call for evidence launched

7th April 2021

The previously promised call for evidence regarding the relations between commercial tenants and landlords has finally been launched.

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CEO Soapbox: How can one industry get away with such bad customer service?

2nd April 2021

You sign your commercial lease, you pay your rent and service charge, and you imagine that the landlord is going maintain the building and make sure everything is okay.

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CEO Soapbox: If commercial property was rated by tenants like TripAdvisor, it wouldn’t get many stars

26th March 2021

If commercial tenants could rate the experience with their landlord and the space they are paying for in the same way, what rating would they get?

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Addressing market inequality for commercial tenants, the CTA officially launches

15th March 2021

It’s been months of work, born from decades of inequality in the property market, but the Commercial Tenants Association has officially launched.

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Press Release: Unscrupulous landlords running scared as the UK’s first Commercial Tenants Association is launched today

15th March 2021

With the launch of the Commercial Tenants Association (“the CTA”), the UK’s 900,000+ commercial tenants now have support to fight back and demand their rights and justice.

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UK Tenant Survey (Part 1)

12th March 2021

In Q3 2020, the CTA conducted a survey seeking the responses of over 1,100 individuals representing small, medium and large tenants occupying office, retail and industrial space nationwide.

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The Budget 2021: Reactions

5th March 2021

After learning what their futures may hold, firms across the country have responded to the Budget with mixed emotions.

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The Budget 2021: Essential Information for Businesses

3rd March 2021

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has outlined the government’s plans for the UK’s businesses and economy in The Budget.

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Roadmap Out of Lockdown Announced

22nd February 2021

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has outlined the government’s plan to bring England out of lockdown and gradually get society back to normal.

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Brexit: How Have UK Imports and Exports Been Affected?

15th February 2021

After the long process of negotiating a Brexit deal, which was eventually agreed on 24th December 2020, many believed that the government had effectively addressed how goods would be imported and exported in and out of the UK.

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Remote Working in Long Term Business Strategies

27th January 2021

Research has indicated that businesses should incorporate remote working into a hybrid model when considering their long term premises strategies.

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Small Firms to Receive Insurance Pay-outs After Losses from Lockdown

20th January 2021

The Supreme Court has ruled that insurance companies must now award small firms their due payment as a result of business interruption during the first national lockdown period.

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Struggling Businesses Offered a Small Lifeline at the Beginning of a Third Lockdown

5th January 2021

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced the new support plan which will be available alongside the extended furlough scheme and business rates relief.

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The Government’s COVID Support for Businesses

4th January 2021

Links to the various government support strategies that have been implemented to help businesses since the pandemic began.

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Keeping Cyber-Secure in the Home Office

28th December 2020

As technology continues to revolutionise how we are able to work, the need for businesses and their employees to install strong cybersecurity is at an all-time high.

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