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The CTA responds to the Government’s Call for Evidence

4th May 2021

The CTA has submitted a response to the Government’s Call for Evidence on the behalf of commercial tenants across the UK.

UK Tenant Survey (Part 2)

In Q3 2020, the CTA conducted a survey seeking the responses of over 1,100 individuals representing small, medium and large tenants occupying office, retail and industrial space nationwide.

Post-pandemic commercial leasing

Post-pandemic leasing was recently the focus of a webinar where we attempted to provide an indication of how commercial leasing has changed since the onset of the pandemic and how it may change in the future.

Final stages of the government’s COVID support

A timeline of when the pandemic support schemes and policies will be concluded by the government over the coming months.

New Look survive CVA High Court challenge

New Look’s landlords have lost a High Court challenge over the business’s Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).

Commuting trends may affect government spending

The Government will re-evaluate the need for hundreds of infrastructure projects due to the impact of the pandemic on commuting patterns.

Hospitality duo lose battle over venue openings

Hospitality figureheads Sacha Lord, the Night Time Economic Advisor for Greater Manchester, and Hugh Osmond, the founder of the Punch Taverns franchise, have been unsuccessful in their lawsuit against the government.


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Economic Recovery Predictions

Though there is a long way to go, many commentators have offered positive predictions for the UK’s economic recovery over the coming months and years. 

Post-Pandemic Commercial Tenancies

The CTA are evaluating what the landscape looks like for commercial tenancies, businesses and staff once the pandemic is brought under control in the UK.

CEO Soapbox: “As a commercial tenant, moving can feel like a feeding frenzy and you are the food”

Information and data on commercial tenancies gets shared and passed around. As a commercial tenant, moving can feel like feeding frenzy and you are the food.

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