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We are an independent membership organisation championing the interests of over 900,000 lease and license holders. Our Members range from independent traders to large corporate organisations and our aim is to get fairer deals, more rights and protection for all.



In the fifth webinar of our Property Life Cycle Series, we will provide an invaluable introductory steer through the minefield of dilapidations.

Lease renewals

In the fourth webinar of our Property Life Cycle Series, we will discuss the process of renewing an existing lease to continue occupation of a property.

Rent reviews

In the third webinar of our Property Life Cycle Series, we will examine rent reviews during the lease term and consider the potential pitfalls associated with them.

Renegotiating your lease

In the second webinar of our Property Life Cycle Series, we will address when and how to renegotiate an existing lease midway through the term.

Taking on a new lease

In the first webinar of our Property Life Cycle Series, we will discuss what to look out for when committing to a new lease.

Sustainability in business

In this webinar, we will discuss the environmental impact of general business operations and assess how UK firms can limit this going forwards.

CVAs: landlords vs. tenants – what’s it all about?

In this webinar, the CTA and Allister Manson from Opus Restructuring & Insolvency discussed the pros and cons of a CVA, the process of proposing one, and assessed what other options are available if a CVA is not right for your business.

WFH Exodus: Bringing staff back to work

Stephen Pippard was joined by David Hudson, Director of The HR Dept, and Louise Mingay, Director at ETS Health and Safety, to discuss the key considerations for bringing staff back to the workplace.

Help I can’t pay my rent! – Episode 3

The Call for Evidence – With David Abramson and Tony Milligan, we recapped the implications of the ending of the moratoria and the current efficacy of the Code of Practice for Commercial Property Relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also answered what is the “Call for Evidence” and what should tenants do?

CEO Soapboxes

If commercial property was rated by tenants like TripAdvisor, it wouldn’t get many stars.

A survey of tenants of all sizes across the country conducted anonymously for the CTA showed that that 75% of respondents are dissatisfied with their treatment as customers. How would that translate into a star rating if one were being given?

How can one industry get away with such bad customer service?

You sign your commercial lease, you pay your rent and service charge, and you imagine that the landlord is going maintain the building and make sure everything is okay.

“As a commercial tenant, moving can feel like a feeding frenzy and you are the food”

Information and data on commercial tenancies gets shared and passed around. As a commercial tenant, moving can feel like feeding frenzy and you are the food.


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