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Commonly asked questions concerning the CTA and membership have been gathered into the list below.

What is the CTA?

The CTA is an independent membership organisation representing and empowering over 900,000 tenants UK-wide. The mission is to get fairer deals, more rights and better protection for commercial tenants. For more information, please visit the About section.

How do I sign up as a Member?

The different Membership tiers are listed above. However, there is also a Membership Benefits page where a more comprehensive breakdown may be perused.

How do I sign up as a Supplier?

Suppliers may only sign up if they have been recommended by a CTA Member. If a supplier or industry service provider wishes to sign up, they should reach out to current and previous clients to ascertain whether any of them are Members and, if so, whether they would be willing to recommend their services to the Trusted Supplier Directory.

How do I upgrade my Membership?

Upgrades to membership can be made via the Your Account section of the Membership Dashboard once logged in.

Can I sign up to receive information from the CTA?

Interested tenants can register to receive newsletters, which will provide information about what the CTA offer to members, what the CTA is up to and provide relevant insights into commercial tenancy.

Where can I find out more about my commercial tenancy?

A number of pages concerning commercial property and commercial tenancy can be accessed in the services area of the website. These have been divided between sections titled as negotiate, comply and occupy, each of which specifically relate to areas of commercial tenancy.

How do I host a webinar for CTA members to attend?

The Events page will provide more detailed information concerning the hosting of webinars and events.

What is the value of the Trusted Supplier Directory?

Only trusted suppliers can feature on a platform where their only entry is via a member’s recommendation. The CTA has created a detailed and transparent list of reviewed companies to allow Members to benefit from high standards of workmanship and service throughout the UK.

How do I recommend another supplier for the Trusted Supplier Directory?

Members can easily recommend another supplier or industry service provider via their Member Dashboard after logging in. If they have had a positive experience with a Supplier recently, their recommendation could help other members discover and benefit from that same service.

I've seen a supplier on the Trusted Supplier Directory that did not provide a good quality of service to my business. Can I review them accordingly?

If a Member has recently had a negative experience with a supplier or service provider that current features on the Trusted Supplier Directory, they should provide a genuine review and comment regarding their experience.

Do you moderate reviews provided on the Trusted Supplier Directory?

Yes, though members should be as fair and respectful of other businesses as possible, as an honest review will elevate or lower the position of a supplier or service provider in the Trusted Supplier Directory accordingly. Any abuse of the review system (offensive language etc.) will not be tolerated.

Why has the CTA asked for information about the building I occupy?

This data is essential to improving the quality of advice and information that the CTA can offer Members now and in the future.

Where can I find more answers to my questions?

Please contact the CTA if any questions have not been answered.

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