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UK Tenant Survey (Part 1)

12th March 2021

In Q3 2020, the CTA anonymously sought the responses of over 1,100 individuals representing small, medium and large tenants occupying office, retail and industrial space nationwide.

The UK Tenant Survey was conducted to gauge the customer satisfaction of tenants during a tumultuous period for businesses and their staff in relation to their business premises. There has always been a gap in commercial tenant-focused research, especially concerning the tenant-landlord and tenant-property manager relationships experienced during the occupation of property.

The data derived from this survey will therefore contribute to the CTA’s mission of creating a fair market for commercial tenants and promoting an agenda of change to support those tenants who are particularly dissatisfied.

The distribution of the survey and the collection of responses was undertaken by 7th Sense Research UK. The CTA believed it was integral that respondents completed the survey without awareness of the commissioning body behind it, in order to limit any influence that factor may have had over the results.

The data has been collated and will be released across a series of excerpts that each focus on a particular area of the survey. This first excerpt presents some of the key themes analysed and how the responses vary across business size and sector.

Additionally, respondents reviewed the support received from landlords, and landlord’s representatives, during the pandemic and provided an indication of their premises plans over the next 12 months.

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