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Sustainability for commercial tenants

6th July 2021

Recently, the CTA has considered how the issue of sustainability should feature in the business plans and operations of commercial tenants and their staff going forwards.

This starts with spotlighting our Sustainability Task Force, which is comprised of experts in the field of sustainability and environmental impact.

The Task Force will champion the issue whilst helping members become more sustainable commercial tenants.

We will decode the terminology that features in sustainability discussions and highlight the importance of transparency between businesses, landlords and tenants.

Furthermore, we will review what is being done to mitigate the impact of the commercial property industry on the environment in new and existing buildings.

Additionally, we will see whether commercial landlords could be pushed to implement positive sustainable changes in their properties.

Conversely, we will evaluate the changes that commercial tenants can make to their own business operations whilst in occupation of their space to “do their bit” in helping to lessen their impact on the environment around them.

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