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CEO Soapbox: As a commercial tenant, moving can feel like a feeding frenzy and you are the food.

9th April 2021

I had a lease break coming up, and suddenly I was being bombarded with calls and emails from moving companies, fit-out companies and office furniture suppliers. I hadn’t told anyone I was thinking about new office space. How did they know?

Information and data on commercial tenancies gets shared and passed around. As a commercial tenant, moving can feel like feeding frenzy and you are the food.

But how do you know if those companies offering services are reliable, fair and reputable? Recommendations? Who is recommending them, and what is the basis of that recommendation?

Moving to new commercial premises is something that perhaps only happens every 5 or 10 years for most small and medium-sized businesses. It is a huge grey area and a process that relies on the knowledge, expertise and recommendations of the property industry.

But what recourse do tenants have if a service or supplier doesn’t live up to expectations? How transparent a process is it?

When buying other goods and services, you can make an informed decision based on the reviews and ratings of other customers; think of the likes of RatedPeople, TripAdvisor, Google reviews, Trust Pilot etc.

In the absence of anything similar, navigating trusted suppliers of goods and services for commercial occupancy can feel murky by comparison.

We need a system where there is transparency and trust, where reputations and recommendations are built on good service, where what is promised is fully delivered.

Commercial tenants with large portfolios will inevitably have experience to fall back on, but for smaller tenants perhaps occupying just one unit or floor in a building, that won’t be the case.

It is an issue that the CTA is looking to address with our Trusted Suppliers Directory. We want tenants to be able to share information on suppliers through recommendations when they’ve had good experience and service.

We want to create a trusted environment to make it easier for tenants to find suppliers who deliver a good service.

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