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Business Rates – High Noon for the Cowboys?

14th October 2020

We have learnt that a number of unscrupulous ‘rating advisors’ are luring tenants with empty promises and charging exorbitant fees purportedly to achieve savings on business rates.

Typically, these will be cold callers, with promises sounding too good to be true. They will offer to reduce a business rates bill, but their fee basis can be up to 50 per cent of any actual savings achieved and most lack the required understanding of the rating system. We recommend that tenants needing advice should seek the advice of a qualified Chartered Surveyor with experience in challenging rating assessments.

As originally reported in Convenience Store Magazine, Ken Batty, a Chartered Surveyor based in Preston and veteran rating specialist, recently explained;

“As you will be aware businesses in the retail and hospitality sector are on a business rates holiday and yet these parasites (strong word but there can be no other word to describe them) are now not only charging 50% of the so-called savings but are actually pursuing the clients through the courts and I am sure you can imagine the extreme stress that these people are under.”

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