Our Charter

The CTA is an independent organisation whose fundamental purpose is to champion consumer rights and protection in the commercial property market.

Our core values of being Authentic, Dedicated and Inclusive are at the heart of everything we do and are the standard that we set for ourselves and those that work closely with us.

We champion the interests of over 900,000 lease and license holders across the UK and have made it our duty to become their voice and to stand alongside them in an industry that has historically been dominated by landlords.

Our Members are a collective of like-minded businesses who have similar interests and issues and we encourage them to participate in our activities, engage with fellow members and belong to our community.

Our Partners support our mission by providing advice, support and services to our members in a manner that is congruent with our values and the fair practices we campaign for.

Our People are committed to our cause and are present to serve our members with enthusiasm, integrity and the highest levels of customer service.

Our Vision
We strive for the commercial property market to be fair and equitable for all and for tenants to be treated as valued customers.

Our Mission
We are here to change things for the better by creating a trusted safe haven and by being the champion and the voice for commercial tenants.

Driving change, together.