We're empowering commercial tenants to correct the imbalance

We champion the interests of over 900,000 lease and license holders across the UK, creating a unified voice to drive permanent change in the industry.

Which other market is geared so heavily towards the seller and not the buyer? It's time for this industry to get customer centric.

- Peter Bell, Founder & CEO

Our Story

Having been strongly focused on customer care in his own project management businesses, Peter Bell was surprised to witness how poorly his clients often seemed to be treated in the commercial property sector.

The market appeared to be dominated by landlords and their representatives and the whole ‘system’ geared very much towards the seller and not the buyer.

This situation drove him to set up his own tenant representative organisation in 2014 and today, as founder and CEO of the CTA, Peter continues to stand even firmer to defend the rights and position of commercial tenants. His vision is to address the inequality in the industry, expose unfair practices and ensure that tenants get treated as valued customers.

Ultimately he wants to see a fair and equitable market for both landlords and tenants so that a more harmonious relationship can prevail.

Our Vision

We strive for the commercial property market to be fair and equitable for all and for tenants to be treated as valued customers.

Our Mission

We are here to change things for the better by creating a trusted safe haven and by being the champion and the voice for commercial tenants.

Our Core Values

Everything we do is based on the three core values that define us. We are:

So that we can:

Our Governance

Our dynamic governance structure ensures that members and stakeholders are able to actively contribute to shaping the future of the organisation.

The CTA is led by the Board of Directors which provides leadership, strategic direction, and oversight of all aspects of the Association’s management and operations.

Our Board is supported by an Advisory Board which provides effective strategic advice and a Members' Council where proactive members are able to promote the interests of the wider membership.

Our Advisors

Peter Vicary-Smith

Ex-CEO of Which?

Emma Kane

CEO of SECNewgate

Ian Filby

BRC Policy Board

David Abramson

CEO and Founder of Cedar Dean Group

John Finnemore

Partner Lawyer at CMS London

Our Board

Peter Bell


Stephen Read

Non-exec Director

Roger Bishton

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Pippard

Managing Director

Melanie Barker

Head of Compliance

Tony Milligan

Head of Policy and Advisory

Our Senior Management

Stephen Pippard

Managing Director

Linda Cavender

Head of Membership & Strategic Alliance

Tony Milligan

Head of Policy and Advisory

Jos Foulston

Head of Business Development

Claire Oliver

Head of Operations

Szilvia Szakacs

Head of Events & Communications

Our Partners

The strength of the CTA is further enhanced by the strategic relationships with industry experts and selected professional organisations.

These collaborations have been established with the aim of delivering the best advice and representation to commercial tenants and to help further our mission.