In this section, our Members will find advice, support and guidance to help leverage their negotiating position. The information is tailored to assist those occupying commercial premises, whether they are taking a new lease, reviewing their rent, renewing their existing arrangements or facing a dilapidations claim.

Lease Negotiations

Our guide provides an overview of the main points to consider when taking a new lease or sub-lease and assesses the timescales involved in the process. The perceived importance of each of these elements will vary from tenant to tenant, but they are all essential considerations.


Rent Reviews

Rent reviews allow landlords to adjust the rent passing in line with the current market level, protecting their income from the effects of inflation. We offer advice on how to tackle the rent review discussion with the landlord when the time comes.

Lease Renewals

If a business intends to remain in occupation beyond lease expiry then it will usually require a new lease. In this section, we will explore some of the key considerations for tenants who are approaching the expiry of their lease.

Dilapidations Negotiations

Put simply, dilapidations are a tenant’s liability to repair the premises they occupy under the terms of a lease. A lease will contain specific clauses which dictate the extent of this obligation.

Liability extends not only to ongoing repairs and decoration but also to handing the property back in no worse a condition as it was when the lease first commenced.


Disposing of
Leasehold Property

Tenants may need to dispose of their interest in a property for a variety of reasons. However, exiting a lease is not a straightforward process and requires careful consideration. This page considers how tenants can dispose of their leased workplace.


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